Building healthier communities on the Peninsula! It's all about the air you breathe!


Everyone has the right to breathe clean indoor air. Being able to breathe clean air, free from harmful chemicals is a serious issue.

Tobacco smoke is poisonous and classified as a "Group A carcinogen" a substance proven to cause cancer in humans. A lit cigarette contains 43 known carcinogens and more than 400 other toxins, including the addictive drug nicotine.

1200 Americans die every day from tobacco smoke and/or exposure to secondhand smoke. Worldwide, one person dies every seven seconds from a tobacco related illness!

120 Alaskans die each year from exposure to secondhand smoke alone. Download the PDF Alaska Tobacco Facts to read more about Alaska-specific smoking statistics.

We're committed to educating and assisting our communities in three main areas for adults and youth:

  • Reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke,
  • preventing the initiation of tobacco use among our youth, and
  • promoting quitting.


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